CyBro technology is by definition of its core component (programmable controller), micro plc. But with its connectivity options, wide range of expansion modules, this system performance is just astonishing.

Modular integrated system with different hardware and software components allow system integrators to fully adapt by application demands and that makes it open towards users.

Beside standard input/output points CyBro controller include numerous ways of communication trough serial RS232, CAN, LAN or Internet trough protocols A-bus, ModBus and support easy connection to other systems like KNX, LON, BacNet, M-bus.

To extend CyBro controller functionality there are wide range of expansion modules available. From digital or analog inputs/outputs to specific functionality (fan-coil, access control drivers,…) and various communication gates (serial printer port, GSM module,…).

CyPro is programming environment for programming CyBro systems. It is completely free and with environment also come lots of application examples.
Beside programming environment there are many small applications. They are very useful for easy system setup and also during lifetime. And they are free to use.

CyBro technology has for 30 years been been a technology platform in various automation:

  • Machines, drives and plants in industry
  • Infrastructure systems
  • Home and multiplex buildings
  • Solar power plants

Specification about products in Product Overview.

For all descriptions, documentation and downloads visit Cybrotech.