OEM Products and Services


Benefits for partners using Robotina technology and services:

  • Extremely short time to the market
  • Tested, proven and certified technology
  • Experienced team can understand and implement your needs
  • One stop Shop HW: technology, customization, implementation and manufacturing
  • One stop Shop SW: platform, design, implementation and hosting
  • Product lifecycle management


A complete vertically integrated control technology platform as the basis for your product operation, communication and intelligence.

  • CyBro PLC (programmable logic controller) with wide range of I/O modules and user interface devices
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    • A comprehensive set of software tools (application development, communication, visualization, accessories)
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    • Connectivity to other components, equipment and systems via different communication protocols
    • Development of custom hardware or software modules according to your specific requirements
    • »SMIP« real time web platform ready for internet-of-things and service based business (SaaS, Cloud)

    A particular advantage of Cybrotech technology is remote access and remote upgrade of Cybro program via Internet. In addition automatic backup and restore of the application software and parameters guarantees data safety even in case of hardware failure. By these functionalities you can support your customers remotely without disturing them.

    Your product will benefit from robust, highly flexible and cost effective Cybrotech control system – from sensor to the web/cloud – and back.


    Project specifications

    You understand your opportunity, we help you to understand the challenge and to translate it into control technology language.
    We help you to define, select and optimize method to control your product. Final result is product specification and proposal for implementation.

    Software design

    • design and implementation of dedicated control algorithms to manage product operation,
    • design of user interfaces, including GUI graphical design,
    • software toolkit supporting complete product‘s lifecycle (production and QA, installation and commissioning, remote product support for O&M, remote upgrades of software version, product parametes and product features,
    • tools for centralized management of portfolio of installed products,
    • Customized design of SW tools to support your business applications and intelligence.


    Software features will add value to your product and improve user’s experience.

    Electrical design

    • complete electrical design from technical concept to integrated product,
    • selection of components with detailed BOM,
    • design for target markets with specific technical requirements.


    Mechanical design

    • custom design of product housing,
    • internal layout design,
    • 3D modelling and fast product prototyping.


    Product prototyping

    • fabrication of first functional product prototype,
    • product testing with data-logging, analyses, validation ( lab prototypes, field test units),
    • verification with the customer.


    Product certification

    • technical documentation,
    • product certification for target markets at certified bodies.


    Serial production set-up, manufacturing…

    • specification of acceptance criteria with the customer,
    • small batch production,
    • design and implementation of QA (quality assurance) procedures and documents,
    • design of automated testing equipment with measurement and testing protocol according to product specifications.

    …and scale-up

    • material supply and stock management,
    • assembly and 100% quality control,
    • flexible deliveries with logistic support.


    MADE in EU: highly flexible production at Robotina’s own premises to support your sales channels.

    Product lifecycle management

    • monitor while in operation,
    • automatic alerts, alarms, reports,
    • track changes and maintenance,
    • remote backup, update and upgrade,
    • service mode to fully support optimized maintenance.

    Let us help you grow your business.