Building Management

What is the goal of intelligent buildings: the use of modern technologies to create a safe, comfortable, functional and energy-efficient living and working environment. Because it is a mixture of all aspects, it is necessary technologies and systems integration.

Integra BM covers all above described goals and functionality:

  • Lighting management
  • Shades management
  • Video intercoms
  • Scene, schedules
  • Security system
  • Multimedia
  • Automatically adjusting ideal temperature and humidity with the efficient use of renewable energy sources
  • Controlled ventilation with heat recovery
  • Access control
  • Connection to other systems in the building

High resolution, solid built, environment protected, integrated Open protocol Industry Standard ONVIF-S IP Cameras for Indoor and Outdoor Security Applications; Compatible with Industry Standard Video Management Platforms
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For the users is most significant that main features perform automatically. Intelligent system eventually learns about living and working habits of users and customize them but taking into account aspects of security and energy efficiency. Only an intelligent system is able to continuously check all parameters and manage the building in an ideal way. However, if the user wants to intervene in a system, the most important feature of a good system is simplicity and user-friendliness of system interfaces. System Integra BM provides a wide range of controls from push buttons, classical PC, touch screens, smart phones, tablet PC and TV interface devices.