SPSS – complete integrated system for solar plant monitoring and management

„Large scale PV plant is a complex system that requires careful and systematic management from design phase to installation and operations management in the complete life-cycle. Even a small loss of power will result in significant loss of money in a long period of time.“

The Total cost of ownership is significantly affected by the costs of operations and the ability to run the plant effectively throughout its life-time.

Benefits for EPC and OEM company:

  • fast and cost effective start-up,
  • assuring maximum yield,
  • effective maintenance throughout the plant life cycle.

Basic features

  • complete integrated system,
  • real time string I, U measurements,
  • status of plant and components,
  • automatic alarming upon power loss,
  • remote fault identification,
  • reporting.

Customization of Robotina‘s standard products to:

  • customer‘s needs and
  • local requirements.