HIQ Hotel

HIQ Hotel
is prepared solutions to automate hotel room. It includes all systems typical for hotel rooms: access control, surveillance, lights control, temperature management (boundaries setting and regimes can be adjusted / managed through reception), SOS and the presence of guests. The system supports the “power saver” feature which systems working in a reduced mode or they are excluded if guest is out of the hotel room. HIQ Hotel also includes a feature window opening detection for regulate the optimum temperature performance.
Guest is setting room parameters via simple local operator panel (front panel can be assigned individual look with hotel logo) or small touch panels.

IQ @ Hotel is easily extensible both in functionality as well as single room vertical integration with other systems in the hotel such as: CMS, HIS systems.

The range of functionality, which includes HIQ Hotel will satisfy the most demanding guests and of course the owner of the hotel.

Product brochure: HIQ Hotel.