HIQ Home


HIQ is a system of devices and software for home automation. Primary function is control of home equipment – lights, blinds, heating and cooling; but it can also cover more sophisticated functions, like energy management.

It consists of simple autonomous units which together create a complex and unique system. Units are connected to each other with a common power supply and communication bus. Units may be combined in many different ways.

Although basically very simple, expansion capabilities are virtually unlimited. System is configurable, programmable, and two or more basic systems can integrate together.

HIQ can be used equally well both for new projects and adaptations. For a basic functionality, the only specialist needed is electrician.

No expert is needed for project (generic project can be used for most installations), programming (basic functions are available out of the box), or configuration (system is configured by user).

User can select units without assistance, there are no complicated compatibility or dependency rules. Use what you like now, upgrade any time later.


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Full technical information about system available at Wiki pages.

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