Park IQ


Complete Parking Guidance System
Guides the drivers to the best possible available parking slot to save a lot of time and minimize the pollution. The usage of the parking can be 100% instead of the 90-95% for the traditional parking systems.


Park IQ as a good guidance system has:

  • Quick return of investment
  • Useful management information
  • Full scalability
  • High integration
  • High functionality

Benefits for the visitor:

  • Finding parking slot quickly without driving around in polluted air and get irritated.
  • Always know if there is a empty slot or not.

Benefits for the owner:

  • Fill the garage to 100% in stead of 90-95% and get more parking income.
  • Get more satisfied visitors in shopping mall, which purchase more. With additional profit ROI (return of Investment) is under one year.

The System
MP Master Hub management takes care of real time control. Through TCP/IP is connected to all MP Hubs.
MP Hub is local controller managing ultrasonic sensors and RGB LED illumination. Up to 120 parking slots can be covered with one MP Hub.
For easy navigation there are level screens, designated LED color blinking on empty slot or mobile phone app.

Real time visualization. Alarm of long time parking. Realistic simulation and test. All parking events in history graphically.
Reports (web based and automated e-mailed):

  • Frequency of usage
  • Average parking time
  • Trends of usage
  • Peak and peak days
  • Notification of vehicles exceeding parking limits