Smart Green


Everybody is talking green. Professionals and society understand that we have to develop new, greener technologies, which will help preserving our world for the next generations. Unfortunately such solutions are generally less efficient and more expensive than classic non-sustainable solutions.
One of the key reasons, why they are costly lays in the fact, that they need active control to be efficient. And active control was traditionally known to increase costs.
Robotina is proving that such limitations are obsolete. New technology, called Smart Green is setting new standards in efficiency, time to the market and total cost of ownership.

obotina developed a set of tools consisting of distributed electronic controller system, remote I/O, sensors, actuators, communication modules, human-machine interfaces with unique technology which enables them to operate on wide area, through remote control, remote programming, maintenance and management. Internet compatibility and capability to operate through it and integration of GSM, GPRS offer an additional advantage.
By using Smart Green technology one can save time and money, drastically reducing failure rate and improving ROI.

Solar radiation, along with wind and wave power, hydroelectricity and biomass, account for most of the available renewable energy on earth. Only a minuscule fraction of the available solar energy is used.
Alternatively we have the best sustainable energy source ever: saved energy. By implementing active control algorithms and smart strategies along with modern equipment, good insulation and various recuperation methods, we can save enough to spare precious natural resources from being burnt.
Robotina provides control technology with embedded intelligence to control processes designed to use renewable energy resources and processes designed to save energy with full flexibility and vertical integration.

What makes the difference? Knowledge, smart people, vision and the right technology are at the base of the future. Components and complete solutions for local control, remote access, facility management, safety and security, energy efficiency, comfort or any control problem in green buildings and cities, making integration faster and easier. Giving you extra time to enjoy results of your work.

Solar power plants are not only sum of panels, inverters and electrical equipment. The performance over time needs smart management systems. Complete and integrated modular system designed to monitor, control and manage solar power plants. Based on highly reliable Cybrotech controllers using best industrial communication technology and providing complete vertical integration, this system offers local malfunction detection, remote monitoring and managing over internet, SMS, email and voice alarming, data logging, statistical analysis, connection to inverters and control centers.
And remember: In solar power plants time is money.

Sure you can develop everything, but why waste time and money to reinvent hot water? Robotina developed and is continuously improving complete family of controllers with specific and custom intelligent I/O modules which can be solid base for every control solution.
Robotina invested more than hundred man/years to create this technology base platform. So you can concentrate on your ideas. You are on the fast track to transform them into products. Should you need help to design your system or you need customized module, it is just a call away.
And that is Smart Green technology, to make your work easier and to keep our world green and a better place.

Smart Green technology that simplifies your work and keeps our planet green consists of: