“Robotina vision is to be leading provider of SMART CONNECTED solutions, components and platforms, which will contribute to new model of connected society through technology and expertise.”

Our mission is to develop, manufacture and implement propriety technology, which consists of expertise, hardware, software, organisational structure and protocols.


The (connected) world is talking about the digital transformation, which is changing our future and every part of society. At Robotina, we have decided not only to take part in it, but also to actively contribute to the digital transformation of our business and support our partners in doing the same.

A simple decision, taken back in early 2014, meant that we had to transform ourselves first. We had to reinvent ourselves and analyze and optimize our business models. This, sometimes painful, process triggered a transformation, which helped us to rediscover the startup mentality and energy at the company that is 25 years old or young as I see it. Not being a startup means that we can combine the innovation and dynamism of a startup with the quality, processes, reliability and strength of an established company with international experience.

We have taken our experience in industrial, building and infrastructure automation and projected it into the IoT world thus obtaining unique, highly reliable and flexible product lines that combine the versatility of the IoT and the reliability of industrial controllers. Similarly, our IT and SCADA experience resulted in a highly competitive Cloud platform, which combines real time communication with the IoT, a transaction system with embedded business models, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We believe in partnerships. Together we can be faster and better and the last two years have proven it. Alone we could never have built a whole network of water monitoring stations in Slovenia as we did together with the ARSO (Slovenian Environment Agency) or have more than five hundred (in August 2016) Cloud connected Neostore energy storage and management systems in five countries. We would surely not have delivered a smart community project done for HITACHI Chemicals to Speyer and, finally, our partner Imdaad could not have been awarded for the best FM technological implementation of 2016 in the UAE without our technology, services and transformation.

Devid Palčič, CEO & President

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Since incorporation in 1990 Robotina delivered outstanding control technology products and services. Focusing on quality and performance, we have developed and successfully commissioned control hardware and software, mainly in application critical industrial automation using controllers from world-class manufacturers.

Cybro, out first controller developed in 1999, has been designed to bridge the gap between existing programmable logic controllers (PLC) and distributed control systems. Its successor, Cybro-II, showcased the new concept in control technology. Being fully distributed, highly connected using fast and reliable CAN communication set the standard in its class. Over the years, Cybro family provided Hardware, software and tools that helped companies around the World to efficiently develop customized control systems. It became base for several products and systems serving various fields, including: industry, infrastructure, energy, solar power plants, traffic, smart buildings and homes, smart cities and many more.

Recently, communication and integration became even more important, so we added full internet communication compatibility, state of the art SaaS (Cloud) enabling platform, smartphone connectivity, SCADA functionality, automatic programming and much more. We have also structured the intelligence in layers and made our expansion modules intelligent and communication fault tolerant. We are proud to say, we have created product, fully suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) functionality, which is now used in all our products and solutions.


  • Intelligent controller any multilayer intelligence
  • Intelligent modules
  • Remote programming/access/update trough internet
  • Full set of software tools
  • Totally modular and configurable


  • SMIP – Intelligent SaaS enabling platform
  • From sensor to WEB and back in real time
  • Event and alarm management
  • Embedded business funcionality/intelligence
  • Multilevel secure access and communication
  • Big data


We believe innovation, quality and integrity are values, which reflect in every aspect of our activity. We developed more than 100 products and delivered them to more than 30 countries. World is facing important, dramatic changes and we and our technology will contribute to the better World.

1990-2010 Automation

  • B2B services
  • Automation
  • Industry and buildings
  • Domestic distribution
  • R&D
2010-2015 R&D and OEM

  • OEM services
  • Our products R&D
  • Energy and renewable
  • International expansion
  • New business models
2015-2020 IoT and BI

  • Vertical integration services
  • Products and solutions
  • Smart cities and grids
  • Scale UP
  • Subscription business


Internal transformation is opening the way to external transformation and growth. We delivered working products and solutions for more than 25 years and we are still inventing products and business models.


Technology and professional, innovative team which understands and creates changes is a good guarantee for the future. We value partnerships and partners: “together we can be faster and better”.


  • Propretary and state of the art IoT control technology
  • In house R&D, prototyping, testing and manufacturing processes
  • Professional and innovative team
  • Expertize in “hot sectors” (IoT, Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Grids, renewable energy,…)
  • On-going international expansion
  • Cooperation with R&D partners in all phases


Trade, software and controllers changed our world and are shaping the future. IoT at the core of the connected world is the real (R)evolution in every pore of life. We can help you to get to your goal: faster, better and cost effective.



Our IoT based products and solutions work around the world and in different industries. Controlling PV power plants, Smart Cities, Energy efficient buildings and much more. Day after day they provide peace of mind to millions of users.


Intelligent iNOC – Advanced Control


  • Total integration of all systems
  • Web based and fully automated
  • Total control on management and maintenance
  • Remote control and management
  • Predictive maintenance and in lieu of preventive
  • Increased life span for systems with less maintenanc
  • Variety of KPIs and real time alerts
  • Return of investment with increased profits
  • Unique and customized solutions
  • Smart buildings to make Smart cities!


Smart City and Cognitive Communities in Germany


  • PV plant
  • Electrical storage
  • Thermal storage
  • EMS
  • Prediction
  • Machine learning
  • Fully IoT
  • Secure cloud


Environmental Monitoring for Safe and Clean Environment


  • Overground water
  • Underground water
  • Rain water
  • Automatic alerts, warning, alarms
  • Fully IoT
  • More than 300 stations
  • Complete state coverages


Industry 4.0 and Beyond


  • IoT enabled machines (control + cloud + AI)
  • MES with IoT
  • Assest management
  • M2M + fog + cloud
  • Pay per use
  • Energy efficiency
  • Complete state coverage


Automation in Ports


  • Silos
  • Conveyor belts
  • Cranes
  • Coal and ore terminals
  • Liquids terminals
  • Petrochemicals


Solar Power Plant Management


Large scale PV plant is a complex system that requires careful and systematic management from design phase to installation and operations management in the complete life-cycle. Even a small loss of power will result in significant loss of money in a long period of time. The total cost of ownership is significantely affected by the costs of operations and the ability to run the plant effectively throughout its life-time.

Car Parking Guidance


  • TRUE parking guidance
  • Parking control
  • PLC based system
  • Web based and fully automated
  • RGB LED sensors reserved space
  • Automatic configuration
  • Parking and revenue management
  • Customized solutions
  • Real-time and historical alarms
  • Real guidance
  • VMS displays
  • Automatic number plate recognition


Energy Efficient Buildings


  • 128 apartments
  • Smart apartments and corridors
  • 15kWh/m2 yearly
  • Energy recovery ventilation
  • 33kW solar power plant
  • Rain water harvesting/reuse


People Counting


  • Highly accurate and consistent
  • Web based and fully automated
  • Emergency guidance
  • Latest tech. sensors with data back up
  • Individual visitor tracking
  • Identify frequency of visits
  • Staff tracking and heat maps
  • WiFi Ads and marketing
  • True real-time trends monitor
  • Wide range of analytics
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Customizable reports


Smart Home


  • Lifestyle: comfortable, advanced and optimized
  • Safety and security: connected home
  • Efficiency: optimized AC, behavior intelligence
  • Smart grid: demand/response ready, energy store

Energy Storage, Demand/Respose, EMS, Smart Grids

null700+ installations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa…


Successful companies concentrate on their core Know-how, while we take care for the IoT part. Complete product design, prototyping and manufacturing available from one hand includes internet connection, secure Cloud services and SaaS.

  • Efficient, reliable, innovative
  • Proven technology and procedures
  • From design to production
  • Identification and specification
  • Develop, test, approve
  • Industrialize, manufacture, lifecycle management


25 years of experience in automation projects can help our customers in taking their automation to the IoT level. We are control specialists

  • Consult and design
  • Project management
  • Commissioning


Company Robotina Ltd. was established in 1990 and defined automation of production processes as its principal activity. Soon aft360 distribution, support and service for automation components and electronic drives have been added to our portfolio. Our core business grew over the years from an automation provider to a comprehensive solution provider.

Today besides know how in process control we can provide also the knowhow on the process itself. Our mission is to give our customers data and tools to achieve significant improvements in managing their manufacturing processes. We have specific team for processes automation, for control and supervising systems, for food & beverage industry, for telemetry and control, and for energy management. The automation of production is therefore accompanied by the process automation in metal, stone or wood processing industry, textile industry, transportation industry and in other branches. Applications in the field of security systems and energy complete our expertise. With the help of the situation analysis and the evaluation of the results we are always capable of suggesting high-quality solutions and carry them out from the idea to the final start-up.

Our solutions provide comfort, safety and energy efficiency in buildings. We take care of integration of electrical and mechanical appliances, security, access control, multimedia and other systems in energy efficient and intelligent buildings.

Our company does not only offer products but also services and therefore incorporates complete solutions. Our services include research, development and production of custom-designed electronic components and today already widely known PLC controller CyBro.

Robotina is one of the leading providers of renewable energy solutions in Slovenia. We have also developed a wide range of equipment and solutions including solar plant supervisory system, string monitors, control units and application software.

We offer a complete service since the high-quality technical support, training and service are included in the company’s operations. The maintenance and continuous support is ensured during and after the guarantee period.

Today company cooperates with more than 800 costumers. We are directly or indirectly present on the markets of Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey, India, China, Brazil and many others.

The overall extension of operation and the enlargement of the market are reflected in the actual growth of our company which has developed from a company with only two employees into a company with five business seats and more than 50 employees. In the latest two years we are progressively entering also in the Asian markets like Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and including India, especially in the building automation and solar power plant supervising fields.