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Connected Intelligence World Tour in Ljubljana

Connected Intelligence World Tour in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the first European city to have hosted on 30th January 2018 the event CONNECTED INTELLIGENCE WORLD TOUR . Robotina together with Iconics and Microsoft shared the latest news about digital transformation in industry and buildings, in Industry 4.0. The participants learned the key insights, got ideas and concrete information on how to realize them.

We thanks all participants for sharing their experiences. All presentations are available on the link:
Connected Intelligence – Robotina

Thank you for being part. We are sure you gained important information that will help you develop your future business.

Damir Skrjanec (Robotina), Devid Palcic (Robotina), Zdenek Zadak (Iconics), Andrey Vykhodtsev (Microsoft) and Dusan Janjic (Robotina) have presented latest on digital transformation in buildings and industry (photo from left to right).