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500. neostore installed

500. neostore installed

neostore is a home battery storage and energy management system. It is driven by Robotina‘s technology: Cybrotech control system and SMIP cloud platform. The product was developed by Robotina for strategic partner neovoltaic ( In August 2016 we reached the number of 500 units which are manufactured at Robotina and installed at customers in Germany, Austria , Switzerland and South Africa.

In 2016 we have launched the 3rd generation of neostore product line: 1-phase and 3-phase systems covering the range from 3 to 54 kWh of electrical storage. Advanced Li-ion storage technology is used for optimal performance and safety. Neostore is designed for residential owners, with the 3-phase system we are targeting multiapartment buildings and small business. Further on we provide integration with Robotina‘s home automation solution named HiQ.

Robotina‘s development include electrical and mechanical design, complete control system with supportive software tools and visualisation. The neostores are all hosted on Robotina‘s cloud server as SaaS (software as a service). Web based application Myneocontrol provides all relevant data and information to the owners on one hand and real-time data to the service center for securing optimal neostore operation on the other hand. A distinguished feature of Cybrotech technology is a possibility for remote upgrades of improved and new control algorithms. In addition, neostore is ready for smart-grid integration.

Thanks to the advanced control logic driven by CyBro residential owners can reach up to 97%* monthly self-sufficiency of electrical energy by having only 9kWp photovoltaic plant and 5kWh Li-ion battery capacity.

* In summer months, depending on system configuration and in-house consumption, data for Middle Germany