Photovoltaic Power Plants

Lifetime of Solar Power Plant is at least 25 years. Reliability of the system and its optimal efficiency throughout the life is for the return of investment much more important than the initial cost of investment.Do not rely on the properties of individual components!

Robotina has been dealing with the solution implementation to its customers in the fields of electrical engineering and electronics business for over 20 years. In the many years of cooperation with companies in the industry and later also in other areas, we built a philosophy of business importance of comprehensive customer support, which starts with the design of the project and most importantly, continues throughout the product life cycle. As long as your PV plant work, we will stand by.

Own team of highly skilled engineers and technicians in the design, installation, maintenance and control of PV plants provide Robotina in cooperation with Japanese buyers high quality criteria for our products and services.

We are distinguished by:

  • Complete solutions
  • Highly qualified and experienced team
  • The best ration between revenues and expences
  • Robotina Solar Plant Supervisory System
  • Supervisory and maintenance of PV plants

More about SPSS – Solar Plant Supervisory System.

Live performance of Robotina SPSS on several PV plants: