SPSS – Solar Plant Supervisory System

Assure the highest possible reliability and yield of your solar power plant
SPSS is a complete solution for monitoring solar power plants. It offers measurement, status and summary data, locally
or remotely.
Benefits of SPSS for EPC companies and investors in the design, commisioning, operation and maintenance of a PV plant:

1. Reduce start-up time and costs:

  • Detailed on-line information from one central location
  • Fast and easy location of faults
  • Helps the project manager to systematically manage start-up activities

2. Run your PV plant efficiently

  • Know exactly how the plant is performing
  • Get on-line detailed information on PV production
  • Control centrally all elements of the PV system

3. Support for efficient maintenance

  • Lower your maintenance costs with IT support
  • Track the response times of maintenance service

4. Advanced algorithms for optimization

  • Manage the operation of PV plant on the level of PV strings
  • Assure the highest possible yield
  • Improve the life-time asset management
  • Guarantee the ROI for the investor

String Monitor Box – measures currents, monitor fuses, surge protectors, voltage and temperature, and sends all data to solar controller.

  • Symmetric or asymmetric measurement
  • U, I , fuse status
  • Internal and external temperature
  • Reference cell
  • Anti theft system
  • Programmable relays

Solar Controler Unit – combines status and measurements from string monitors and inverter (and other devices), calculates power, energy and averages, and store short-term data.

  • Industrial PLC technology
  • CAN for reliable communication
  • ETHERNET for easy vertical integration and internet conn
  • GSM/GPRS modem for direct access
  • color touch-screen 4.3″
  • GSM/GPRS modem for direct access
  • Statistical analysis
  • Connection to inverters
  • Dynamic analysis (losses, yield,..)

Solar Web – web monitoring and control

  • On-line monitoring measurements and status signals
  • Remote access and control using standard web browser
  • Hosted locally or remotely on commercial hosting service
  • Data-base storage for long-term access and analysis
  • Simple one-click data export to spreadsheet program
  • Immediate notification in case of operational failure
  • Anti-theft alarm, access control and video surveillance

Product brochure: SPSS.

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