Robotina provides standard products, field proven solutions and engineering expertise to build advanced energy management systems for multi-apartment buildings, small business and commercial industrial buildings:

  • integration of renewable energy sources,
  • real-time control of energy flow,
  • process visualization and KPI presentation,
  • alarming, notification and reporting,
  • remote configuration and remote upgrade of control algorithms,
  • engineering data for O&M,
  • predictions of electrical and thermal consumption by machine learning,
  • forecasting of PV generation based on weather and irradiation prognosis,
  • dynamic optimization to assure minimum cost of energy based on dynamic pricing.

The BEMS systems are built on Robotina‘s technology:

  Cybrotech provides

  • complete control technology for integration and real-time control (Cybro PLC, communication interfaces, …).

  HIQ Universe IoT platform

  • two level topology (local IoT linker and HIQ cloud server) assures data consistency and safety,
  • collection, storage and presentation of all data (real time and historical),
  • serves to server connection to external web services.

For business partners like:

  • equipment manufacturer’s,
  • project developers,
  • energy suppliers.

Robotina offers customized project solutions and OEM products.

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BEMS case

Smart community project Speyer, Germany
Robotina successfully implemented its process control and web IoT technology in the smart community demonstration project in Speyer, Germany. Complete renovation of energy supplies and energy management in 16 apartment house, built in 1960s, was accomplished to facilitate transition from traditional to renewable energy sources.

The project is supported by NEDO – New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization from Japan. Project partners include City of Speyer with Stadtwerke Speyer (SWS) as a local energy supplier and GEWO Wohnen as building owner on one hand and Hitachi Chemical, a major global player in electrical energy storage, as leading project company on the other hand.

The advanced energy management system provides two operation modes:

1. maximization of self-consumption of renewable energy:

  • PV plant on building‘s rooftop,
  • electrical energy storage,
  • heat pump with water tank,
  • measurements of electrical and thermal consumption power meters.

2. minimization of cost of energy for apartment owners:

  • predictions of electrical and thermal consumption by machine learning algorithms based on:
  •     historical data of consumption,
  •     weather forecast,
  •     level of energy stored in energy buffers (batteries and water tank).
  • dynamic pricing is introduced by hourly prices of electrial and thermal energy.
  • optimization algorithms are run every hour to control operation in various scenarios.

The final goal of the Speyer demonstration project is to develop, test and demonstrate a new “energy self-consumption model” for electrical energy and heating for Germany. Since the runs in real-life environment it provides valuable inputs in terms of technical reliability, efficiency and economic feasibility. As such it will have an important impact on future business development in the field.